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Optical cable gases released during combustion of materials test methods -Determination of pH value and conductivity
Earth's natural environment is increasingly forced to focus on the deteriorating environmental awareness. In materials selection, environmentally friendly and low smoke zero halogen low smoke and low halogen flame retardant materials are gradually replacing PVC plastic, neoprene rubber and other materials. In order to reduce the burning, acidic gases released when not involved in the fires of electrical and electronic equipment damage and personnel safety, we must reduce or limit the cable and fiber optic halogen content of the material.

Prevailing in the domestic cable industry is only an understanding of detected optical cable outer jacket material, pH value and conductivity, and much less about non-metallic materials other than the cable sheath.Therefore, the finished product in terms of optical cable, optical cable only controls and testing the pH value of the outer sheath material and the electrical conductivity is a traditional understanding of the errors.The correct approach is required to split after their respective non-metallic materials for each pH value and conductivity of the test, and then calculated weighted pH value of the finished cable and electrical conductivity.

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