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The ITL has successfully passed ‘3 in 1’ review
On twelfth of December 2009, The Information Transmission Lines Quality Inspect Test Center, M. I. I.(ITL)has successfully passed the review of Measuring, National Lab and National Defence approvals.
Entrusted by Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA) and China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment(CNAS)and DILAC, the review team was formed by six experts which lead by Weiling Lu has made a three day site-audit on the ITL.
First of all, the review team was hearing the audit working prepare conference of the lab from Ronghua Zhu the director of ITL, and then the review team has checked the environment condition of the lab, reviewed testing equipments and the state Identification of the equipments, looked at the instrument’s files and staff’s technical files, also has examined on-site with repetition measurements and staff comparison and etc.
The review team was given a highly appraise for the lab, especially on the management level and highly trained staffs. Also the review team considers the management systems is perform efficiently,  every task accord with the rules and management systems requirements, and testing equipments and technologies are at international level. But meanwhile, there still have some Problems and weaknesses to the ITL. The ITL is going to rectification.

During the review, it was highly attention by the leaders form the ITL and accompanying; Also the Staffs were fully supported and some of them were working all night.
Because of the joint effect from all staffs, this review has successfully passed. The ITL has indicated the testing ability and technology level are approved by supervising authorities and society. In this year, the testing of raw materials, ROHS and inflame tests have approbated; these are the guarantees for Third-party testing services and expand businesses from outside of the institute.
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