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The Information Transmission Lines Quality Inspect Test Center of Information Industry can offer testing methods and technologies consultation in the area of optic-electrical cables and wiresproducts performance of connectors and assembliespurpose and electric performanceoptic performancegeometry dimensionsmachineryclimatic environmentphysical and chemical parameters. Also in the benchmark methods and substitute solutions for international and domestic standards. Specific details as followed:


●Coaxial cable(CATV cable、RF cable) .
●Various special cables and high-temperature endurable cables ARAFSFF series.
●Symmetrical cable(including Category 5 cableCategory 5e cableCategory 6 cableCategory 6e cableDigital communications cableconsumer electronics cable ) . 
●Leaky Coaxial Cable.
●Various connector and assembly .
●Single-mode fiber,multimode fiber(including various communication fiber, active fiber, maintenance and polarization fiber, single polarization fiber, and other special type fiber).
●Various optical fiber cable. 
●Optical interconnect device(various types of optical connector, optical jump, optical splice assembly and so on ).
●Fiber optic sub-systemfiber optic amplifier, optical terminal device and so on) .
●Optical active  device (various types of light source for fiber test, light detector and so on).
●Optical passive device(optical coupler, optical wave division multiplexeroptical isolator, optical attenuatoroptical switch and so on) .
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